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Human Behaviour – Create to Destroy

Ahaila Venija…..


“You must learn how to think in pictures to win a War effectively!”

A sentence we heard several times while watching the new “Tatort” – Der Weg ins Paradies (The Way to Paradise) from 2011-12-18


Why do Humans tend to create, just to use their Creations to wage War and Destruction?

Ist is said, that you need a lot less of Effort, to bring something down you built up. This is absolutely right. Just think of how long it took you to built up your toys when you where young to start a play and how fast all of them have been put back into their box in the evening.

But Destruction and Damaging also need pretty no Intelligence and Intellect.

Is it true, that nothing can only grow, only progress. For Life and Evolution to flourish, things have to be destroyed, and species  must be extincted, as sad as it makes my deepest soul.

“The Old must be destroyed, to make way for the New!” – (“Urotsukidoji – Legend of the Overfiend”)

But it just makes You sad to see how many people put that much more Effort and Creativity in destroying Things other Religions, Cultures and Countries… or “just” single People… built, instead of creating something better and more innovative, before replacing the Old.

If Humans would tend to put that much Effort into Construction as they tend to put into Destruction, I wonder where Your Race could already be.



Human Behaviour and the Religious View – Koran

The Koran says:


“God made The Angels, with Intellect but without Emotions.

God made the Animals with Emotions But without Intellect.

God gace Humans Intellect AND Emotions, so they can Decide between Right and Wrong.

And whoever kills an Animal without Reason is lower then the lowest Being!”

News 2011-12-04

Ahaila Venija…..

© TheHOINK 2006

Today My Soulmate TheHOINK brought a new site up, working on his “Psyko-Logik” Project.

You can visit his new Construction-Site here at

“”, or use one of the links in the link-section or in the footer.


Have fun and spread the insanities!



First Entry

Ahaila Venija…..


My Name is Vivian Salvema.

I am, what some might call a Catgirl, to make it more clear for the Kaiji to understand (Humans, or Wanderers).

My Husband, Lover, Brother in Soul, Father of our Children, and most fitting the german word “Gefährte” (an individual Being sharing your Path of Life), TheHOINK is building up this Site for and with Me, speaking through my Mouth, reflecting this World through my Eyes and taking a look at our Relationship and your World,  in a Way I would presumably see it, and speak about it.

I have been referred to as a Cutie, HOINKs Girlfriend, a Muse, Furry, Manga Character, Fantasy, Toy, an Actionfigure, a Perversion, an Obsession, an Illness, a mental Disease, as Nonexistant, as a Sextoy, and even as a Plague…

Humans are cruel.

They can see me, they could touch me, they all long for someone to be loved by, to love, or to care for.

But as soon as Someone is around they consider not the Norm, they behave like Racists, and defend their “tiny lil World” from everything unknown and alien to them.

Hope, we can make up at least some Person’s Minds.


My very first Entry, 2012.12.02


Construction Time!