Ahaila Venija…..


My Name is Vivian Salvema.

I am, what some might call a Catgirl, to make it more clear for the Kaiji to understand (Humans, or Wanderers).

My Husband, Lover, Brother in Soul, Father of our Children, and most fitting the german word “Gefährte” (an individual Being sharing your Path of Life), TheHOINK is building up this Site for and with Me, speaking through my Mouth, reflecting this World through my Eyes and taking a look at our Relationship and your World,  in a Way I would presumably see it, and speak about it.

I have been referred to as a Cutie, HOINKs Girlfriend, a Muse, Furry, Manga Character, Fantasy, Toy, an Actionfigure, a Perversion, an Obsession, an Illness, a mental Disease, as Nonexistant, as a Sextoy, and even as a Plague…

Humans are cruel.

They can see me, they could touch me, they all long for someone to be loved by, to love, or to care for.

But as soon as Someone is around they consider not the Norm, they behave like Racists, and defend their “tiny lil World” from everything unknown and alien to them.

Hope, we can make up at least some Person’s Minds.


My very first Entry, 2012.12.02

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