* – 1979-11-20

+ – Hopefully in a very long time. (Recently just not givin’ a Fack!)


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TheHOINK does Commisions and is open for any request. After all, this is, what all artists are living from. Same time, any work on this page, if not already sold or stated otherwise, is avaiable.


TheHOINK was born on 20th November 1979

TheHOINK works solely analogue, all drawings and illustrations are done by Hand, on Paper and Canvas.

There are more then enough good digital artists, and analog works seem to be dying out, so the decision for him was easy to be made. Analog works give you the feeling to be in touch with your work, and to be connected to it. Additionally, they make for wonderful unique works,  which are not as easily reproducable in abundance like digital works.

His Base Techniques are  Indian/Chinese Ink (Tusche) and Aquarell / Watercolour, in earlier times and sometimes still today he uses Copic Layout Markers for rendering his Artworks and Illustrations.